Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Dots and Dashes

"we find ourselves lost in the perfectly woozy imperfections of Teleportation. A dew-laced soundscape littered with tumbling drums, nifty synth interjections and impressionistic daubs of amorphous vocal à la Noah Lennox, there’s a boyishly unworldly aspect to it which is reflected not least in its conception"

The schoole of abuse

"Teleportation imagines how a drifting pop song might sound in a sonic universe - blanketed by a layer of echoing vocals, sustained with jaunty drums, and completed by resplendent keys and guitar lines."

Beat Pyramid: "almost alien way of twisting a song from standard formation to something intriguing and unique"

Premiere: Echopark – “Teleportation” MP3

boys and girls check it out!

Premiere: Echopark – “Teleportation” MP3

Monday, 28 January 2013